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Jovial Photography is a safe space for ALL.

I proudly accept clients of any sexual orientation, gender, race, color, political affiliation, and religion. Life is too short and people are too wonderful to spend time hating others. 

☆ How it Works ☆

If you like my work, and you want a photographer who doesn't stop talking, makes you run around and laugh a lot during your session, captures color and emotion, and puts hours and hours of detail into editing your images - then I'm your gal. 



Explore my website and check out my social media. If you decide you love my work and want me to shoot you special moments, then let's talk! We will work together to figure out which session is best for you, and then once that is determined, I will send out available dates. I book very early on so please do not wait. Once a date is set, I will draw up a contract and send that out along with an invoice for the retainer. You will have two weeks to sign and pay, and once that is done your spot is reserved and we are ready to go!



Once your shoot is booked, we can discuss locations, outfit ideas, etc. I do not currently have a style guide, but am absolutely willing to help style your shoot if needed! For a family shoot, instead of matching, try choosing a few complimentary colors for your base and then mix prints and solids. If you're a senior, then don't be scared to show off your personal style! As far as location goes, we can keep it simple or do something crazy, it's up to you! If you're ok with travel, we have some gorgeous locations only an hour or two away!



You show up and I do all of the work! I will tell you how to pose and I will give you prompts throughout the shoot. EVERYONE tells me they are awkward, but are surprised when they receive their photos. I do my best to be the only awkward and embarrassing person present so it makes everyone else feel better. I most likely will have you running around, chasing each other, and having a blast. I also shoot very quickly so the session will be over before you know it, and you will have time to go out on that hot date (or take your kids to get that ice cream you bribed them with). If it rains, we will reschedule to the soonest date that works for both of us. I usually check the weather the morning of and keep in contact with my clients. 



PLEASE be patient with me. I am NOT a fast editor. I take my time and hand-edit every single photo that I deliver to you, which means I don't slap on a preset and consider it finished. I open each photo individually, remove anything that looks weird, straighten horizon lines, remove blemishes, soften wrinkles, adjust lighting, etc. Sessions usually take me 2-4 weeks to deliver. Once you receive your proofs, you have the option to purchase the print release and copyright, or order prints through my gallery website. My gallery website makes downloading, sharing, and print ordering SUPER easy. 

Pricing Guide

Check out pricing for all sessions, senior packages, small weddings and elopements here! 


About Me

Learn more about the girl behind the camera!


☆ Contact Me ☆

I am admittedly terrible at responding to messages in a timely manner, due to how busy I get with everything else. I have set aside 2-3 days a week where I sit down and respond to messages, so if you don't hear from me, please don't panic. But if you don't hear from me after a week, then panic, and send me another message. I get so many inquiries that once in a while I miss things (If you want to work with a creative sometimes you're stuck with our bad qualities too). You can also text me at 315-405-6349 if e-mail isn't your jam. 

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