I'm the loud girl who will be taking your photos:

My name is Jessica Trump and no, we're not related.

My pronouns are she/her.

If I had to choose just ONE word to describe myself, it would be extreme. My emotions and personality are always at the far end of the spectrum. I'm either extremely happy, extremely excited, extremely passionate, extremely angry or extremely sad. But what creative person isn't a little bit crazy?

I am loud, ridiculously extroverted, I have zero filter, I swear too much, I laugh at everything, and I think I'm a good time. Laughing at my own jokes is my favorite hobby, despite how often my kids tell me that I'm not funny.

I also have a deeply emotional and compassionate side, which is why I've spent years fighting against human trafficking and supporting refugees. It is also the reason I over-share on my personal social media. I tell my story to show others who are hurting that they aren't alone, and I think representation from the LGBTQ+ community MATTERS.

I am a single mom with two bad-ass warrior girls, two pups, a rescue duck (who now lives in my sister's pond), and the most amazing girlfriend in the world. And if you didn't figure it out from my home page, or my social media - I'm super gay, and super proud. We have created this beautiful family and we live a minimalistic, simple life in a little apartment so we can afford to travel and create adventures!

I am a beekeeper, and I am pretty obsessed with watching my bees work.

My favorites: Arbys, dancing, thrift stores, hiking, kayaking, Harry Potter, Marvel, tattoos, talking, making costumes, witchy shit, and the 90s

If you want to learn more about me, you can stalk my personal instagram. I'm an open book and an over-sharer... so enjoy: @jessicatrump10

My Family

L-R: Jedi the rescue duck, Colie the crazy one (age 9), Me, My beautiful and amazing girlfriend Tayler, Jovie the flexible and sarcastic one, (age 11), and our rescue pup Koda. Missing from the photo is our brand new golden puppy, Stark. 


Text: 315-405-6349



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Business Experience

I have always been a creative and crafty person. I graduated from Houghton College with a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design. I got my first job straight out of college working for Oswego County Tourism - doing web design, advertising, marketing, writing press releases, working trade shows, blogging and occasionally taking photos. I started dabbling in photography after my first daughter was born. I would play around with my new camera and post photos on facebook, which caused people to become interested in booking shoots. I started offering free shoots, then after a year of experience, I acquired my DBA and began shooting on the side. Soon after, I created a facebook page and a blog. In May of 2012 I was able to quit my full time job and pursue photography full time!

My work has since been featured on numerous online and print publications. I host successful workshops for other photographers, and have started traveling internationally to photograph sessions for clients.

In early 2021 I began my interior decorating business, using skills I have acquired throughout my adult life mixed with every creative bone in my body. 

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